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New Year, New Style?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

With every New Year comes a whole bunch of resolutions.... mine of course all revolve around photography and my other love kickboxing.

The start of every year brings the do I, don't I question on the @52 challenge. For those that don't know this is to take one photo every week for the whole year. So far I have managed seven years straight and I never know whether to do it all again. Whilst I decide I have taken a photo for each week anyway! lol

I try to take the challenge one step further and improve my content year on year and that brings about the title of this blog... So do I start to lean on digital art techniques to bring a new twist to my photography, or just focus on improving skill and physical content? I will let you know when I figure it out.

But, for my first blog of this New Year I have a photo of one of my favourite things to capture, the one and only Circus of Horrors. These talented performers put on a wicked show, all over the country, and always welcome me back with my camera. So if you get the chance, go see them for yourselves. :0)


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